Better Relationships

Without the BS

Good Together is an online relationship improvement program for people who struggle with interpersonal relationships.

You deserve a relationship program that works.

Meet true life partners — both platonically and intimately

Have more energy, more gratitude, and more happiness

We know that you want better interpersonal relationships with the people in your life. But the other self-improvement programs that you’ve tried were expensive, time-consuming and loads of BS, so you feel disheartened.

Stop feeling shallow and stuck in your current relationships

Discover ways to express yourself that draw people toward you

Imagine what life will look like when your relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and intimate partners are meaningful.

Stop feeling empty, uninspired, and unsatisfied with your relationships

Nurture all of your relationships — with friends, family, coworkers, and intimate partners


Better starts with you.

Stop Wasting Your Time on BS Programs!

We know it’s hard to trust that any given program is going to work.

That’s why Jerry Brook, Certified Life Coach, author, relationship consultant, and speaker created Good Together.

Developed using data and research, Good Together challenges conventional thinking by approaching relationships and decision-making from a logical, systematic, “You First” approach.


1. Download the App

Your relationships won’t change unless you take action, so take the first step to transformation by downloading the app.

2. Use Your Knowledge

Apply what you’ve learned in the membership program using the app to start improving your relationships.

3. Build Better Connections

Watch your relationships with the people in your life transform into meaningful connections.


Receive logical, helpful information straight to your inbox that starts transforming your relationships — from the inside out.

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Want Better Relationships?

You deserve a program that delivers better. 


When you start with improving yourself first and then exercise new ways to have relationships, you will transform your relationships and transform your life.

Better Starts With YOU