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A Game With A Purpose

At Good Together, we know you want to cultivate better relationships. In order to do that, you need tools and resources that work for you, rather than against you, and help you connect and communicate in new, more effective ways. The problem is, you're bombarded with the wrong messages and tools like social media that often become replacements for real relationships and interactions.

This leaves you feeling like you are broken and failing and chasing after something that simply isn't possible for you. We believe you should have the opportunity to learn how to experience more healthy relationships. We understand that there is a loneliness epidemic despite the rise in utilization of social media platforms. We know that people are searching for ways to build and maintain healthy relationships. 

That's why we developed an app based on science and psychology to help you take control of building and maintaining healthy relationships. Author and Relationship Guru, Jerry Brook, used years of personal experience to develop the "Good Together" App to help people strengthen their relationships through fun, personalized interactions.

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