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In all relationships; friends, family, intimate or business.

For anyone wanting to start a relationship, but not sure how to begin

For anyone in a relationship and not sure what is going on

For anyone who is serious about their relationships


For anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of relationships, in general

For anyone in a relationship and not sure if they should stay or if they should go


For anyone who wants peace of mind in their relationships


For anyone in a relationship wanting to make it better

For anyone who is tired of the old conventional wis-dumb, and wanting to try a new approach to relationships

Good Together
A Journey Through Relationships

by Jerry Brook

Play hard to get. All's fair in love and war. Communication is key. Opposites attract. These are the adages of relationships we've come to accept. Yet, relationship guru Jerry Brook is challenging conventional relationship advice.

Through trial and error, study and research, he has come up with a new roadmap to all types of relationships between you and family, between you and friends, between you and co-workers, and between you and a lover or potential one.

In his new book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships, Jerry encourages readers to examine the individual, to look within, first.

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